Convergence 1: Approach / Avoidance Available on Amazon!

Well… It has been a while since I posted here to The Zen of… But it seems it is time to dust it off and perhaps re-purpose the old thing. My anime and manga blogging has gone down to a trickle. I still love the genre, but I have been enjoying it more casually, watching fewer shows, and not keeping up with as many of the new releases each season.

The reason? I have been working on a novel. Well, technically I was working on it before I even started this blog. However, I got motivated to really get it moving again a while back, largely because I started working on the translation team for the Webcomic Anne (Available on Tapastic) and my conversations with Teksu, the author/illustrator of the comic, and the translation sessions, especially when several of us could get online at the same time and really discuss how to best get the meaning of the original Spanish across in colloquial English, maintaining the individual “voice” of each of the characters, really got me motivated to start writing again.

So I dusted off a three year old “manuscript” that was, at the time “Part 1” of a longer novel, realized that the word count qualified it, just barely, to be considered a novel in its own right, as opposed to a novella I guess, and went to work on both part 2 and refining part 1 into Book 1.

The result is now published on Amazon as Convergence 1: Approach / Avoidance. The series has been renamed from the original Convergence to Fionnbhara Convergence. Why? Because there is already a fantasy series named Convergence out there and I didn’t want confusion. (Fionnbhara is the name of the Faerie Realm in the story, which is a trans-dimensional space, “slightly outside of space and time” as I call it in the chapter headings. It is the native realm of the Tuatha Dé Danann, or Sidhe, characters in the story. The first book only a few scenes with the Sidhe characters, but they become more prevalent in book 2.)

So I’ll now be using this blog to update people on progress on the series. Book 1 was initially published on WattPad and you can still read a preview of it at that site. Book 2 will be going up there soon, so stay tuned for updates!


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