Preview scene from “Convergence 2: Coalesce / Collapse”

Setting the scene: Raul is going over data collected during the events that occurred at the end of book 1. WARNING, minor spoilers! (In that a certain couple is closer than they are in Book 1)

“Anyway, it certainly brings up some interesting questions about the how the type of things Owen’s grandfather was talking about fit in with our research.”

Owen looks at me briefly. “We agree.”

“However, what I find fascinating is the apparent trigger mechanism going on here and how that might work.”


Owen and Raul both turn to me with confused looks.

“Not trigger…He’s my spréach… my spark…”

Raul looks at Owen and asks, “What language is that?”

“How am I supposed to know?”

Owen takes my hand. One of us is trembling, I’m not sure who. “What’s going on, Honey?”

“I have no clue.”

“Well, putting that aside. What I really wanted to talk to you about is my theory on how all of this is happening. I started thinking about it a bit differently after attending that talk last week by Dr. Marcus.”

“Oh, you mean the fact that his theories are entirely contrary to yours finally sunk in?”

“No! Well, yeah, but that’s not what I’m talking about.”

Owen rolls his eyes. “Carry on, Raul. Never mind the peanut gallery.”

“Anyway, something he said really struck home with me. Everything is a wave.”

Everyone has to get there digs in on Raul, even when he’s actually on track with what he’s talking about! It’s just his lot in life. That’s what you get for being a psychologist playing around with physicists and computer scientists. (At least if they do quantum computing, since that is probably something along the lines of being a computer science and physics specialist all in one… I would think… You know, I wouldn’t really know. I was a psychologist with computer science minor. LOL!)

Look for the “Convergence 2: Coalesce / Collapse” on WattPad, the “raw version”, very soon! (Maybe as soon as next weekend for first few installments to get started…)


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