Section 2 of Convergence 2 Available on WattPad

Section 2 is now live on WattPad. In it, Jules and Owen in the Beta world-line find out about the differences between what is happening in their world and the other one, including viewing dream footage of a surprising nature. In addition, Owen finds out that Jules mother’s maiden name was O’Brien, which is quite a shock to him. He can’t imagine that Jules could possibly be related to his ex-wive Lilly, right? After all, she was from California, not Michigan… There are a lot of families named O’Brien… They can’t ALL be related… Things get complicated when Sidhe are involved, unfortunately for Owen!

(Soon there will be a flashback section where we will get to meet Lilly in more detail. Look forward to it, I personally think she is a fun character with a lot of personality. I can tell you ahead of time that she is extremely fond of her cousin. You might say she idolizes her even. Owen isn’t her first love, either, though we won’t meet that character in person until near the end of the book.)


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