Cover art by Hale for “Convergence 3: Cognizance / Convergence” and more…

Well, the writing process for Convergence 3: Cognizance / Convergence is moving along at a reasonable pace. I will probably start posting chapters on WattPad sometime in the not too distant future. However, I have something new to show everyone now: the cover design!

The cover will be graced this time by art done by the same artist who did the character art for the cover of volume 1, Hale author of the wonderful web comic Sundaze. If you haven’t had the chance to read it, I highly suggest giving it a try. There’s even a cameo appearance by Jules in one of the episodes!

Without further ado, here is wonderful art Hale created for the cover:


Cover art for volume 3 of the Fionnbhara Convergence trilogy, (Image copyright Hale 2017)

I personally think she outdid herself! Here it is on the cover. You may notice that there is a slight color theme shift from the first two volumes. That will be explained in the third volume. (It is related to the story…)


Cover for volume 3 of the Fionnbhara Convergence trilogy, (bottom image copyright Hale 2017; Cover design copyright Hale and Marty Preslar 2017)

Speaking of cameo appearances, Jules is making a guest appearance in another web comic this weekend! In the FINAL EPISODE of my favorite web comic, Always Human, there is a guest appearance by Jules, featuring glowing eyes similar to the cover of volume 3, but wearing the dress from the cover of Convergence 1: Approach / Avoidance. To read the comic, you can follow the link above. If you would like to start at the beginning, you can click here. To go straight to the episode with the cameo of Jules, click here. I strongly recommend reading both of these wonderful web comics!

As a reminder, Fionnbhara Convergence volume 1, Convergence 1: Approach / Avoidance, and volume 2, Convergence 2: Coalesce / Collapse, are both available at Amazon. Follow the links for more information.