Those of you that “know” me probably already know that I am an Anime fan. I may not qualify as a full blown otaku, but the fact that I use the term probably means I am. The main purpose of this site was originally a place to collect my anime reviews and other stuff that struck my fancy. Nothing earth shattering, but occasionally something profound and hopefully funny. You may even find something worth checking out among my ramblings.

I am now also using it to keep people updated on progress on my Science  Fiction/Fantasy series Fionnbhara Convergence. The first novel is now available on Amazon. If you are following the series, please subscribe to my blog for updates on upcoming volumes, including chapter by chapter pre-publication “early reader” releases on WattPad, potential future signed book giveaways on Goodreads, and Publication dates for the upcoming volumes of the series. (I would really like to get a good buzz going for the next volume among those of you who have read volume 1! So far Convergence 1: Approach / Avoidance has peaked at #219 on the “Fantasy > Alternative History” sales rankings on Amazon. I would love to see Volume 2 shoot to the top, just for kicks!

If you are  interested in reading my anime reviews, you can check them out by clicking the “Anime Reviews” category in the sidebar to the right. For convenience, you can also just click here.

If you somehow got here looking for the Prairie Perspectives Photography website (my photography studio), please follow this link.

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Thanks for dropping by.

Who is Zen?

A husband and father of two children…

An aging anime fan in central Illinos…

A science fiction/fantasy author

computer programmer…

A professional photographer… (Prairie Perspectives Photography)

A science fiction/fantasy aficionado…

An armchair philosopher…

A progressive, politically speaking…

A fan of distopian future literature (I like to be prepared …)

I started this blog mostly to house my anime reviews and other such things (as my photography already has its own site…) Now I am using it to update readers on my novels,
mostly. I may

Staunch advocate and ally of LGBTQ+ people and occasional blogger on such issues.
(Though those posts are more likely to be on my Tumblr blog Zen and the Art of…, which is more dedicated to LGBTQ+ issues in general, and, more specifically, yuri webcomics, manga, and anime. There are also many posts about my novels there. WARNING: Many posts on Tumblr are NSFW! You have been warned! The yuri blogs on Tumblr don’t pull punches! LOL! If you don’t understand what this says, it is probably safer NOT to click. If you DO understand and are under the age of 18, DON’T click! There are many wonderful stories linked to those blogs, but there are lots of things of a more prurient nature the ladies post as well! (And yes, most of the yuri bloggers are ladies, unlike myself… Unless you ask my daughter who would tell you that some of the time I am a teenage girl trapped in a middle-aged man’s body, according to my preferences in entertainment. I will admit that I do occasionally fangirl… I’m not proud…))

For now, welcome to The Zen of blogging…


5 comments on “About

  1. Hmmm….

    Husband and father of two children. . . . Check.
    Aging… in Michigan… Sorta check.
    Computer programer… Check.
    Sci/Fi/Fantasy aficionado… Check.
    Armchair? … Too busy for that.
    Political leanings… More complex than that.
    Distopian future… Not much of that since “Childhood’s End” and “City and the Stars”.

    You look like you would fit in at a RenFaire or SteamPunk convention, both of which my daughter has dragged me out to in the past.

    Not that I have any intention of translating it at this point, but I did buy the LN version of “Mysterious Girlfriend X”. Mostly because I’ve found that if you don’t buy something right when it comes out, you may never be able to buy it . . . if it’s Japanese stuff. Their used book stores don’t like shipping outside the country.

    • Interestingly, I am FROM Michigan! I grew up in a suburb of Flint. Childhood’s End is one of my all time favorite stories, along with Songs of Distant Earth.

      I went to RenFaire once or twice in my youth, and the occasional SF convention. Didn’t have any SteamPunk conventions back then… I have friends that still do the RenFaire thing, including performing, last I knew.

      I would LOVE IT if the MGX LN were translated! From what I understand it is NOT a retelling, but a continuation of the story? It is one of my favorite manga right now, and I loved the anime!

      • Flint: Been through there, but not stopped. My destinations have tended to be on either side of there (Frankenmuth, Holly, etc). I’m from another side of town: Garden City, Westland, Belleville.

        MGX: I really have no idea what they did in the LN version. I simply got it as part of my collection of stuff to look into “one of these days”. The manga has a good premise, but sometimes gets lost off in the weeds to the side of the road. When it gets going good, it does well. The anime was very good, albeit very short.

  2. LOL! I lived in Canton for almost two years before moving to Illinois! And don’t
    bother stopping in Flint. Not worth it!

    I agree that MGX does tend to go off the rails once in a while, but for the most
    part, it is a great series. I do wish they would do a 2nd season of anime. There
    is so much more source material to use! I don’t recall where I read that the LN
    was a continuation and not a re-write…

    • Well, I don’t expect to work on any translation for MGX, apart from possibly a teaser, since I seem to now have more and more people clamoring for me to finish Golden Time.

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