Section 13 of Convergence 2 is live on WattPad

Section 13 is up. It’s a short one, with Jules and Owen returning to Hollywood to pick up Ian on their way back home from Japan. However, there are some interesting comments by Raul in the research notes that suggest something might be up that they don’t know about yet…


Section 6 of Convergence 2 is live on Wattpad

Section 6 of Convergence 2: Coalesce / Collapse, is live on Wattpad.

Jules goes along to take Lilly to her boarding school north of Chicago and they stop off at a dedication for a public artwork where a certain young artist is one of the contributors. Is this the actual first meeting of Owen and Lilly? Is it the first time Owen and Jules have seen each other since they were children? But wait… why don’t either of them remember it? Perhaps something more is going on here than meets the eye?