MAL Slice of Life Club 100 Member Milestone Member Card Tournament

The Slice of Life club at MAL is having a special tournament to determine what characters to use on our special, limited edition member cards celebrating our reaching 100 members. The voting will take place here on The Zen Of… blog.

The voting is now complete, and the cards are determined. Here are the winners:

Bracket #1 Winner – Makoto Sawatari – Kanon

Bracket #2 Winner – Ohana Matsumae – Hanasaku Iroha

Bracket #3 Winner – Azusa “Azunyan” Nakano – K-On!

Bracket #4 Winner – Black★Rock Shooter – Black★Rock Shooter (TV)

I hope everyone enjoyed the voting! The limited edition cards will be available to the first 100 MAL Slice of Life Club members who post a request for up to two cards in the official card request thread, located here. Click on the links below to see the full voting results!

100 Member Milestone Member Card Tournament Final Four Results!

Round 1 Bracket 1 Results                     Round 1 Bracket 2 Results

Round 2 Bracket 1 Results                     Round 2 Bracket 2 Results.

Round 3 Bracket 1 Results                      Round 3 Bracket 2 Results.


Round 1 Bracket 3 Results                       Round 1 Bracket 4 Results

Round 2 Bracket 3 Results                       Round 2 Bracket 4 Results.

Round 3 Bracket 3 Results                        Round 3 Bracket 4 Results.


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